Find Your Stoke - Surf Therapy

Fri May 1, 08:00 - Mon May 31, 17:00

Event is online


Find Your Stoke gives access to FREE surf therapy sessions which aim to heal, uplift and empower people challenged with disability, mental health and social-isolation.

By utilising the ocean and surfing as conduits to explore, stimulate and facilitate positive therapeutic outcomes, Find Your Stoke play an important role in under-served coastal communities in South Africa.

Whether involved in a surf therapy session as a participant, volunteer, donor, event sponsor or surf instructor - you will Find Your Stoke while being involved in this awesome charity.

While we are in limbo with our surf therapy sessions due to the Covid-19 pandemic and all South African beaches remain closed, the team has been working from home reflecting and redesigning some of the programs in order to grow the organisation and be able to spread the stoke to new coastal communities in South Africa.

Find Your Stoke believes that now more than ever we need to create more safe, structured and inclusive surf therapy sessions to help play a positive role in the well-being of all affected by Covid-19 in some way or form.

By supporting this fundraiser, you are playing a positive roll in the lives of people challenged with disabilities, mental health and social isolation.

Thank you for your donation.

Thank you for helping spread the stoke!!


R50 - 1x meal (incl. snack & refreshment)

R100 - 2x meals (incl. snack & refreshment)

R500 - 1x surf therapy session for 1 child

R1500 - transport cost for 1x school bus

R3000 - staff fees for 1x full surf therapy day

R5000 - 1x surf therapy day for 10 children (half day)

R10000 - 1x surf therapy day for 20 children (this covers all event costs)

In order to grow and offer our services to more under-served communities, we need to build up our equipment stock and find storage facilities in the 3 coastal regions - Kwazulu-Natal, Eastern Cape and Western Cape.

Any donation of 2nd-hand or outdated beach and surf equipment would be greatly appreciated - because everyone loves a beach day and Find Your Stoke want to facilitate in making it possible.


- Softboards (7ft - 9ft)

- Wetsuits

- Life Jackets

- Swimming Goggles

- Beach Towels

- SUP's (and paddles)

- Pool noodles

- Beach Umbrellas

- Plastic Containers (for storage)

- Ocean Kayaks

As soon as lockdown is over we will be sharing drop off points in the 3 regions.

Please make sure to follow our social media channels for more updates.