Lokxion Poetry House: Are We All Equal Citizens? - Racism

Thu Mar 12, 18:00 - Thu Mar 12, 20:00
Stellenbosch Public Library


# 18:00 – 20:30 - Thursday, 12th March 2020; Lokxion Poetry House: Are We All Equal Citizens? - Racism - Nthateng Machaea & Vusumuzi L. Mpofu

We’ve been bringing people together in communities in Stellenbosch, Western Cape, to interrogate the word ‘Citizen’. We’ve asked people young and old what it means to them, what it inspires and how they think the idea of being an equal citizen relates to local communities, to the country and the wider world. The poets will explore and express their point of view about being a citizen and lead a conversation(s) about the Land, Racism, Education, Gender, Language, Democracy and Youth.

#Racism; Structural and institutional racism is alive and well in all aspects of our society. there is a hierarchy of what needs protecting for most white people engaged in this conversation and it is revealing:

- White feelings… do not disrupt white feelings at all cost.

- White privilege… protects white spaces and white lifestyles at all cost.

- White children… don’t show them anything traumatic, like where their food comes from. (This is in reference to the outrage of the sheep slaughtering at the beach.)

1994 cleansed blacks; they no longer suffer exclusions…

a. exclusion from public spaces;

b. exclusion from the economy;

c. exclusion from educational opportunities;43

d. exclusion from a dignified shelter, health care, security;

e. Exclusion from… (We could go on and on and on).

Yet the racism still exist in many spaces, we have heard in all corners of South Africa from ordinary people (Vicki Momberg or Adam Catzavelos or Velaphi Khumalo), Professionals ( Prof Andre Brink) politicians (Hellen Zille praising colonism, Afriforum leaders, EFF leader, Land First Party) and celebrities (Sasha Martinengo, Rajesh Gopie ) exchanging racist statements.


Lokxion Poetry House: Are We All Equal Citizens? - Racism
Stellenbosch Public Library
Plein St, Stellenbosch Central, Stellenbosch, 7600
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