Women's Nude Yoga Cape Town

Thu Feb 27, 19:30 - Thu Feb 27, 21:30
The Source


The Women’s Nude Yoga journey is a workshop in which we explore what it feels like to shed all our layers. Not only clothes, but also all the other masks and walls we have been conditioned to put on/up in our everyday lives. It is all about getting to know your body and mind, about loving and accepting them and about discovering what freedom feels like.

It will be a practice of surrender, vulnerability and courage, letting go and softening of insecurities, shame, and identities, and empowering and honouring your feminine energy and the beautiful body that you are in. 

It takes courage to register and buy a ticket for an event like this as we are not only physically dropping layers but also emotionally and mentally, something our system (mind and ego) is not the biggest fan off. As soon as you buy a ticket energy already starts to shift and so know that it is normal that you start feeling any sort of resistance to actually also show up to this event.


  • Nudity (pretty obviously!)
  • A gorgeous, private, candle-lit yoga space
  • A safe environment to be completely real and authentic
  • 60 mins workshop segment led by certified Sex, Love and Relationship Coach Marilu Gabba
  • 60 mins of gentle naked yoga (available to beginners) led by Tarin Calmeyer
  • Authentic sharing circle of women
  • Breath, sound and movement “express & release” techniques
  • A photo available for willing participants at the end (not compulsory!)


  • Your own mat
  • Towel to place on the mat
  • A bottle of water to have with you during the practice
  • Sarong/kimono or robe to wrap around you
  • A blanket to place over yourself during meditation (optional)
  • A journal (if you wish)
  • An open mind and heart


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