SR Preview - Jakarta Indonesia

Tue Mar 3, 19:00 - Tue Mar 3, 21:00
Jakarta - Venue to be confirmed


Do you want to grow your wealth and secure your financial future? 

At the Work Your Wealth - Passive Income Preview event you will find out how you can create various passive income streams by using tried and tested wealth creation strategies and systems.

The previews are presented by coaches trained by Conray Labuschagne, who have grown their own wealth using the passive income system. You will learn to assess your finances and find out that if you follow these principles, you can live a life of choice.

Topics covered at the event include:

  • What is Passive Income
  • How to use residual income to create passive income streams
  • How to Save in Gold
  • How to get started with Digital Currencies using Safe and Secure Platforms
  • How to trade on the global markets
  • How to hedge yourself against the upcoming Global Financial Crisis
  • How to Invest in Property
  • Industry expert, tips, tricks and strategies that no one else is using


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