Ellevate Yourself, Ellevate Your Business / McWilliams & Company JHB

Sat Mar 7, 10:00 - Sat Mar 7, 13:00
Standard Bank Incubator


“Most people will tell you how to do something that they never even did themselves, I don’t talk, I walk the walk. Everything I share I have had experience with... this is me role modeling how you execute your dreams, so it becomes your reality!”

There will be no cliches here! So many people ‘coaching’ you on how to start your business or how to make your first million or how to set goals and be more productive! But after you set the goals what’s the first thing you do? 

Or have you ever wondered how you make that million grow every month? 

Or how to plan so you actually have a balanced work-life-dream? 

This workshop is not a sit back and listen to me talk kinda workshop...you have to bring your laptop and your notebook and your calendar and your calculator and your dreams, because I will show you how to Ellevate Your Life & Ellevate Your Business! 

6 modules, 3 hours, 1 business. 

Things we’ll cover include - 

• What to do with Money when you make it?

• Costing & Best Financial Models for your business,

• Planning & Preparing your Calendar for Work Life Balance,

• What’s your Habits, 

• How to Incentivize your Dreams


• Pitching & Marketing your business to new clients

• Making a loyal client not a new sale!

“Affectionately known as "The Fixer" and "EduCoach" Fadia Williams has decided to embrace her nicknames :-) An Educator by qualification, a master facilitator by profession, a business coach by experience and passionate about Elevating education in Africa and Ellevating Elles in Enterprise. She jokes often and says her job is to bring Sexy Back to Education creating workshops for Novice Teachers and designing mentoring and coaching for School Management Teams. She also wants young graduates to design their own talent pipelines in Education in South Africa. That's her day job! As an avid social entrepreneur and humanitarian, she dedicates her other time to providing resources, workshops, and training to Fempreneurs. Mother Hustler's and She EO's. She also finds time to indulge in her passion and love for Vintage Clothing and a sustainable fashion economy by running her business Thrift & Famous. When it comes to Civil Society she guides the Non-Profit sector in Governance & Diplomacy”


Ellevate Yourself, Ellevate Your Business / McWilliams & Company JHB
Standard Bank Incubator
5 Cradock Ave, Rosebank, Johannesburg, 2196
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