Kids & Junk Food, by The Feeding Coach

Sun Mar 8, 09:00 - Sun Mar 8, 10:00
To be confirmed, Glenhazel


Based on the leading research in raising healthy children with a positive relationship to food, this talk solves the common challenge faced by parents - why are my kids obsessed with junk food?

In this talk you will learn:

  • How parents cause the junk food obsession
  • How to normalize junk food so it's not a big deal
  • Encourage self-regulation & moderation, even when you are no around
  • Appropriate boundaries around junk food

"Junk food was a constant fight in our home. I was always worrying and trying to get them to eat less of it. Since working with Eliana, the stress is gone and my kids often don't even finish their ice-cream. This course changed our life" - SM

This course depends on minimum attendance of 10 people. Should this amount not be reached, you will be informed and refunded in full.

Never fight or fret about junk food in your home again!

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