OPPS Level 1 Instructor Trainning - JHB, SA

Tue Feb 25, 09:30 - Tue Feb 25, 17:00
Savage Arms and Ammunition


You have taken the first step on a great journey to become an OPPS Instructor.

Level 1 consists of 2 full days of training. Be prepared to have your senses heightened, self defense myths debunked and open you to a world of real self defense, Close Quarter Combat, CQC.

Teach others to become Operators in various defense modules as well as protect themselves and those around them. And why bot make a career out of it?

Tues 25th February 9:30am - 5pm

Wed 26th February 9:30am - 5pm


OPPS Level 1 Instructor Trainning - JHB, SA
Savage Arms and Ammunition
33 Kindon Rd, Robertsham, Johannesburg South, 2091
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