The Journey Intensive with Brandon Bays

Fri Jun 5, 09:00 - Sun Jun 7, 19:00
To Be Confirmed


Want to step off the busy hamster wheel of always being stressed, and never quite reaching your goals... but not sure how to change?

Does any of this sound familiar?

I know there is more to life, but I have no idea how to tap into it…”

I’m dragging around useless emotional baggage, which affects every part of my life, and not in the way that I would like…”


I’m always feeling burnt out – repeating the same old patterns, and not knowing how to reprogram my emotions…”


“The relationships I have with people which used to be happy and joyful, are now feeling tired and too hard…”


“I’ve experience trauma in my life, but I’ve never found the right tools or strategies to deal with the emotional fall-out…”


You’re tired of people telling you to ‘just move on’… ‘you need medication”… ‘stop holding onto things’ … ‘ you need to just let go’… it’s not as easy as that! 


Because you know that your best life is out there, just waiting for you to find it.

Then it's time to set off on a journey - a powerful once-in-a-lifetime event... that will actually change your life.

The Journey Intensive is that event. This 3-day workshop, hosted by Brandon Bays, has changed lives for hundreds of thousands of people around our world, and now, you have the opportunity to attend, right here in South Africa.  

Brandon is the Best-Selling Author of the Journey, which has sold millions of copies around the world, in over 39 languages. Her Journey Method is scientifically proven, and is now being implemented in hospitals in Europe, with Brandon herself holding Board seats.


The Journey Method shows you a proven process to decimate your emotional baggage. It allows you to clear whatever obscures you, whatever holds you back, whatever shuts you down so that you can begin living from the freedom, the truth, and the love that is your own essence. So you can learn to truly love yourself as the person you were always meant to be.


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