The Cyrus Anointing Seminar

Sat Mar 28, 10:00 - Sat Mar 28, 12:00
Bellville Public Library


This seminar is meant to bring an understanding to the Body of Christ about this end time anointing called the Cyrus Anointing.

The release of the Cyrus Anointing today is based on the biblical law called "the law of double fulfillment of prophecy". In summary, this law states that, "whatsoever was prophesied and fulfilled concerning the nation of Israel will interplay itself in the life of the Church of Jesus Christ". This is because, the Church is spiritual Israel.

The Bible mentions king Cyrus many times but perhaps the most popular part that most believers know about is Isaiah 45. King Cyrus was a pagan Medo-Persian king whom God raised and anointed to subdue and conquer nations, with the most notable of those nations being Chaldea whose capital city was Babylon.

He was charged by God to punish Babylon, release the Israelites from Babylonian slavery and rebuild Jerusalem and the Temple of God. He not only did the above but also financed it and restored back to Israel all the treasures that Nebuchadnezzar stole from Israel.

The purpose of this seminar therefore is to propagate that, there is today a release of the same grace and anointing that was on king Cyrus. Because "faith comes hearing and hearing the Word of God"; the intention is to teach and preach so that faith for the release and receipt of this anointing can come on the hearers.


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