Prometheus Rises -- Fundraiser

Mon Apr 27, 10:00 - Mon Jun 1, 00:00


Help Prometheus fly again at Afrikaburn 2020!

You may remember her from AB2018: a beautiful luminescent creature, benevolent overlord, hovering above you on the Binnekring. She took a needed year off in 2019 but we're determined to have her fly again for 2020.

Prometheus is a mutant vehicle giant butterfly, wingspan of 15m entirely covered in LEDs. She's mounted atop a scissor lift that can roam the playa freely and rise 17m up into the air. The lights, over 5,000 LEDs nearing 2 kilowatts of power, play captivating visualizations visible from across the entire burn. She can respond to sound and you're likely to see her at a sound camp near you.

Donations will help cover needed repair work, fixed costs such as the lift rental/transport/fuel, and a few extra goodies for this new year. Every amount helps, no matter how small. Thanks for your contribution and may Prometheus rise!

Contact Drew ([email protected]) with any questions.

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