Steve Umculo - Lemonade Stand Release Party

Fri Mar 6, 19:00 - Sat Mar 7, 01:00


Riding on the back of a series of wildly successful release parties in 2018 & 2019, Steve takes to the stage once again for his brand new single "Lemonade Stand", a deliciously light hearted ode to making lemonade and forgetting your worries. Have a peak at the video below for the evening's line up and what to expect:


Line Up:

  1. Cav Barry
  2. Steve Umculo
  3. Bad Peter
  4. Sutherland


  • R65 pre-sale
  • R95 at the door
  • R150 for a ticket plus a 1,5l jug of beer for beer pong activities
  • R190 for a ticket plus a limited edition Steve Umculo t-shirt


  • 19:00 doors open
  • 20:00 music starts


  • Beer pong (wouldn't be a Steve Umculo jol without a bit of pong)
  • Flippy cup
  • Boat races
  • Cards for Gary, Kings, Golf & all other one word drinking card games you can think of ;)

Lemonade Cocktails:

  • One night only Lemonade Cocktails available at the bar
  • Every time you hear "Lemonade Stand" play over the house speakers Lemonade Cocktails are 2 for 1!

Food is also available but come early to get a seat.

It would be an honour to have you come celebrate this special occasion with me :) See you on the 6th of March.

"Take all your doubts and squeeze them out" - Lemonade Stand Ethos


How To Get To The Venue

Snatch32 is at the same location that the Pop Up Bar in Parktown North was. It's in the same centre as the Foundry but on the other side of the building, where the Woolies and Nando's are. Once you are standing outside, with your back to the Woolies, walk to the other side of the parking lot and you'll get to the venue. You can put "Snatch32" in Uber and it'll know where to go.


Lemonade Stand Abstract

Steve Umculo’s brand new single, “Lemonade Stand” is a deliciously light-hearted ode to making lemonade and forgetting your worries. Its musical style is reminiscent of acoustic surf rock artists such as Jack Johnson, Donavon Frankenreiter & Animal Liberation Orchestra.

The conception of “Lemonade Stand” was a result of Steve’s love for the acoustic surf rock era and Cav Barry (fellow songwriter and lyricist) wanting to create a playfully philosophical song centered around the old ‘life giving you lemons' proverb. The arrangement of the song itself was carefully constructed with fun-loving verses, catchy choruses and an epically comical bridge. Steve draws on familiar musical talents that featured on his “Philosophy” EP, including that of the gifted guitarist Michael Bester whose solo launches the song into a different frontier of musical brilliance. The final product is an existentially humourous but musically satisfying take on an age old and hopeful adage. 

Additional information

Refund policy No refunds


Steve Umculo - Lemonade Stand Release Party
32 7th Ave, Randburg, 2193
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