The Neuroscience of Sleep & Dreaming | Dr Mark Solms

Tue Mar 3, 19:00 - Tue Mar 3, 21:00
The Jagger Lounge


You will spend a third of your existence asleep. Your body will sooner die from sleep deprivation than from food deprivation.

The Fruitcake Society, along with the expert help of internationally-acclaimed neuropsychologist Dr Mark Solms, is getting into bed with some big questions; why do we sleep? Why do we dream? And what exactly is happening to our brains as we fall into the sleeping state?

Dr Solms, renowned for his landmark discoveries around the brain mechanisms of dreaming, is the current professor of neuropsychology at the University of Cape Town. The talk will go on to explore the meaning and biological function of dreaming while seeking to unveil more about our elusive and complex sleeping selves. 


The Neuroscience of Sleep & Dreaming | Dr Mark Solms
The Jagger Lounge
74 Shortmarket St, Cape Town City Centre, Cape Town, 8000
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