Knysna Timber Festival

Fri Mar 13, 09:00 - Sun Mar 15, 15:00
Timber Village


The Knysna Timber Festival will be celebrating its 8th annual showcase of local excellence across the value chain, in the town where the country’s timber industry first took root.

- NEW! Timber Sports

The 2020 Festival will showcase skills developed by local harvesting teams by the inclusion of ‘Timber Sports’ – a high entertainment value feature show encompassing axemanship exhibitions, chainsaw competitions, physical endurance and strength demonstrations.

- NEW! Knysna Timber Magazine

A new addition to the festival will be the advertising-supported Knysna Timber Magazine. The publication will be locally published and contain a mix of industry insights, contacts and other resources, as well as style, art and wood-related literature aimed at a wider 'lifestyle' market.

- NEW! Knysna Timber Museum

An insight into Knysna's Timber heritage!

- NEW! Fund-a-Forest Tree Planting Festival

We will be selling indigenous saplings that will be planted, with public participation, on the Sunday at Timber Village – creating a fun family activity whilst addressing ecological concerns at the same time. See the ticket link for more information.


Industry Workshop: If you would like to attend the industry workshops, please e-mail [email protected] for more information.

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Knysna Timber Festival
Timber Village
Welbedacht Ln, Knysna, 6570
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