H(R)2020 * Conquering New HR Frontiers

Tue Feb 25, 16:00 - Tue Feb 25, 18:00
Southern Business School, Krugersdorp


H(R)2020 *Conquering New HR Frontiers presents (1) powerful and discerning reflections on HR 2020*’s emergent challenges, (2) stimulating conversations with industry-related piers & (3) precious networking opportunities with cutting-edge experts..The HR 2020 event aligns organisations to be future focussed, solution driven, complexity minded and strategic in nature. Themes that will be addresses during the session are:

  • SABPP HR Headlines: Evolve or become redundant ...
  • Tackling the race taboo. The time is now to start generative race conversations
  • When ‘soft’ becomes critical skills: Rethinking the role of mental wellness in the workplace
  • Evolving trends in Global career management: (International Guru)
  • HR’s accountability in addressing the implications of King V
  • Blurring lines between people and technology: An unprecedented HR challenge


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