ATK - Fortnite Frenzy Solos Under 16 LAN

Sun Feb 16, 11:00 - Sun Feb 16, 17:00
ATK Arena


ATK Fortnite Frenzy Under 16 LAN

This February ATK presents to you the #FortniteFrenzy! Tailored for players both old and new, who will get a fair chance to bring their A-Game to ATK!

Do you have what it takes to come out on top? Join in on the Frenzy and flex your 90’s on the weekend! 

This a LAN tournament, players must play from the ATK Arena if they wish to participate.

18 x 240hz screens reserved for first 18 online ticket sales per session.

Prize pool winners invited to #FortniteFrenzy Solo Customs Tournaments on the 1st of March.

Players who wish to reenter and try again may do so and will only be charge half price. Offer is subject to availability.

Please note that in the event of load shedding during the tournament we have backup generators and will be able to run the tournament at half capacity.

Tickets available at the door.

Tournament Layout

11:00AM 90 minute session

12:30PM 90 minute session

14:00AM 90 minute session

15:30PM 90 minute session

Time Allocation:

20 minutes setup /warm up

60 minutes compete /play

10 minutes reset

Prize Pool R5000

1st R1750

2nd R1250

3rd R1000

4th R500

5th R500

Points system

· 1 point per elimination

· 3 points per Victory Royale

· The 5 highest placed players for the day win part of the prize pool.

. Tie breakers are decided with a final round of top 3 kill race games

House Rules

. Players must be younger than 17 years

. Payment takes place 2 weeks after all players have submitted banking details.

. Personal accounts will be used. No smurfs allowed.

·        No eating or drinking at the stations (No Alcohol).

·        No external food or drink allowed into the Arena. The Gamer Tag entered on Quicket must be the name of the account that will be used.

·        No vaping or smoking indoors.

·        Every ticket holder is responsible for the peripherals at their station.

·        Each player can enter multiple times.

·        Use good judgment.

·        Participants to conduct themselves in an orderly manner at all times.

·        Clean up after yourselves.

·        Respect other people's property.

·        You may bring your own peripherals.

·        If you play with a controller, you are responsible to bring your own controller.

·        If you are caught cheating at the LAN you will be asked to leave.

·        Right of admission reserved.

·        Terms and Conditions apply


ATK - Fortnite Frenzy Solos Under 16 LAN
ATK Arena
91 Main Rd, Claremont, Cape Town, 7708
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