The Hammer Falls

Mon Mar 23, 16:00 - Tue Apr 28, 16:00


Stoney has been home to Tankwa Town for 14 years and no crew has spent more time on site than the Department of Public Works. 

To say goodbye to a place that we’ve called home for too many sunsets and full moon rises to count, the DPW Retirement Club are coming together, from all over the world, to build something for the very last DPW Burn on Stone Henge. 

The artwork will include the performance art of burning, DPW style. In order to make this a reality for anyone who wants to join in the celebration, we are raising funds to make the jol happen. 

For only R150 (the much debated stipend most of us got for building the town) your donation can help us build and burn something to pay tribute to a place like home...

For more information check out our posts on the Binnekring blog.

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