Unlocking Innovation with Design Thinking | Johannesburg Breakfast Session

Wed Mar 18, 08:30 - Wed Mar 18, 11:00
Radisson Blu, Sandton


The term ‘Design Thinking’ has been coming up a lot lately, yet most people aren’t even sure what it means...

Put simply, Design Thinking is a process used for defining the actual (not perceived) problem, then coming up with creative, innovative solutions that truly change people’s lives. It’s about transforming the way you think and approach problems and challenges. 

Sounds intriguing? Join us for our first corporate breakfast session of 2020 - where Nevo Hadas of dY/dX will unpack how businesses can use this critical skill to outperform competitorscapture new markets and create innovative solutions to ensure future success and sustainability.

About Nevo: 

Nevo is a partner at dY/dX, a digital transformation practice helping businesses keep pace with digital change by delivering solutions that create new revenue opportunities and/or improve internal operating models. He works with global clients to understand the nuances of what change is desirable and how to get there using human-centred design. He has lectured on innovation, pricing and design thinking at business schools in SA and Paris, as well as co-developed the culture canvas. Nevo is also our knowledge partner for our Design Thinking short course – go figure!


Unlocking Innovation with Design Thinking | Johannesburg Breakfast Session
Radisson Blu, Sandton
Rivonia Rd &, Daisy St, Sandown, Sandton, 2146
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