Sound Healing with Kailash Kokopelli

Sat Feb 22, 18:00 - Sat Feb 22, 21:00
Sacred Ibis


Beloved Sisters and Brothers,

You are invited to this very Special Sound Healing Experience with our Dearest Brother Kailash Kokopelli.

This is a way to cleanse the chakras and auric field from negative attachments, entities, crystallization's in the physical, emotional, mental and astral bodies and energy centers.

It is a form of sound surgery where cysts, tumors, cancers and other forms of unhealthy accumulation and toxins can be neutralized.

The Sound Medicine also has a positive effect to de-calcify the pineal gland and stimulate in general vital force to flow and activate dormant circuits for the client to tap into true power of purpose and remember original assignment. This treatment helps to empower self-healing processes and tap into source energy where all guidance, purpose and healing is found.

This sound healing experience offers sacred soundscapes to journey to source within where all healing power can be found.

A sing-a-long yoga of song and devotional heart songs around the Worldstick - a magical string instrument crafted in golden means is leading to an inner journey on soundscapes of the Medicine Drum, Spirit Chants, Native American Flute, Didgeridoo. Not just Chakras and Auric field purification but 72.000 Energy channels aka Nadis are being cleansed for the pranic life force to flow strengthening health and vitality. Clarity of body mind and spirit through the power of mantra meditation and sound medicine.

Please refrain from excessive alcohol, meat, junk food and other forms of intoxication at least 24 hrs better 48 hrs before the treatment.


R400 per person

Quicket Link to Follow for booking. Limited to 25 people.

Much Love and Blessings !


Sound Healing with Kailash Kokopelli
Sacred Ibis
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