Live2Lead Johannesburg - Private Broadcast 18 February 2020

Tue Feb 18, 08:30 - Tue Feb 18, 15:30
Bridge Church, Alberton


Elevate your impact in 2020...

Do people follow you because they have to or because you inspire them?

Are you ready to raise the level of your influence, impact and fulfilment?

Whatever your context, this event is sure to exceed your expectations. We are delighted to once again be hosting the annual John Maxwell Leadership simulcast for the 5th time in Johannesburg! Live2Lead is broadcast to over 300 sites around the world and features renowned leadership experts on how they do what they do. If you grasp what they share and formulate actions to apply it, you will be amazed at the results you will achieve - in a short space of time!

This is an outstanding opportunity to reignite and recharge the passion for leadership. We all want people to follow us because we inspire them to be more and not because they have no other choice. Whether you are one person, a business owner or a manager - you impact people around you and this simulcast, along with the hosts of this event, will be able to show you exactly how to shift your leadership to a place where your impact and influence are expanded.

If you could invest R15 mil to access this level of expertise to expand your awareness and to challenge your thinking so that you can raise the level of your influence and impact, would you? What could you achieve by exposing your team and your clients to this opportunity?

This is your chance...for the price of a conference ticket you can access this invaluable information at a world class leadership experience together with local experts and leaders in their industries. Networking, team building and adding value to key clients is as simple as purchasing a table, or two!

Establish the momentum for a phenomenal 2020 by attending this content rich experience, share a buffet lunch with clients, colleagues and new contacts.

Bridge Church, Alberton is the perfect setting to set the pace for you and your team and we look forward to hosting you!

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Live2Lead Johannesburg - Private Broadcast 18 February 2020
Bridge Church, Alberton
69 Elizabeth Eybers St, Randhart, Alberton, 1449
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