Identifying and Dealing with Anxiety among Children

Thu Feb 27, 18:00 - Thu Feb 27, 20:00
Domus Dei Randburg Suid



Anxiety is the most common reason for children being referred to psychologists and psychiatrists. Anxiety is also the most successfully treated mental health condition. More and more children are presenting with anxiety in our schools, and teachers and parents are unsure of the best way to help them. In response to this need, In The Know presents a training session on anxiety.

The training explores how anxiety ‘works’ and how anxious children can be supported in the classroom and at home. This training presentation is based on the latest research and introduces the principles of cognitive behaviour therapy (which is currently the most empirically supported treatment option available).

Even with the very best of intentions, what adults instinctively do to help anxious children, can make the anxiety worse. Therefore we teach adults more helpful ways to respond to anxious children. This involves an intriguing, empowering and effective paradigm shift and the implementation of uncomplicated, practical strategies.

Amanda Leigh (Educational Psychologist)

Jolene Knowles (Educational Psychologist)

Nicolette Louw (Speech and Language Therapist)


Identifying and Dealing with Anxiety among Children
Domus Dei Randburg Suid
30 Jean Rd, Blairgowrie, Randburg, 2194
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