4-Week Fitness Challenge - Wave 1

Mon Feb 3, 00:00 - Sat Feb 29, 23:00

Event is online



This 4-Week Challenge is an online support structure to help you focus on your *personal* body goals. 

We pride ourselves in creating a support structure where participants from all over the world can plug in and work towards their personal goal along with like-minded individuals on the same or similar journey. 

What does our 4-Week Challenge give you?

  • You will receive a 4-day training program each Monday, starting 3 February 2020 up until 29 February 2020. The exercises can be done in your own time whether you choose to do them at home or at the gym. You will need a skipping rope, dumbbells and a step (optional) and an exercise mat or towel to complete these exercises.
  • You can choose between a basic, general diet guideline to follow or we can provide you with a personalised nutritional program that will help you achieve your goal.
  • For the duration of the Challenge, you will need to submit your measurements every Monday. This is not compulsory, however, must be done should you wish to win the Challenge.
  • One-on-one WhatsApp support with your coach. This is also not compulsory and completely your choice if you would like to participate.
  • For the first 5 days of the challenge we will take you through healthy-lifestyle orientation. 
  • A 30-day secret/closed Facebook community
  • Daily focuses posted to the FB group (check in daily)
  • Goal discussions and implementation with the help of your coach
  • A downloadable Meal Guide which includes your meal planner from personalising your program, shake recipes, snack list, meal building guidelines and a proposed shopping list (This Guide is only available if you choose our nutritional program)
  • Result stats tracker (downloadable from the file section)
  • Inspiration from fellow participants
  • Fun and friendship 

To take part in the challenge you need to:

1.Purchase your Quicket Ticket

2.Take your starting photos and send to your coach

3.You need to be 18 years or older


We are fitness professionals and not medical professionals. The information in this challenge is based on sport science and personal experiences as fitness professionals.

Before taking on any of the type of exercise in this challenge or anywhere else, please discuss it thoroughly with your doctor, no matter what level of fitness you are at. The use of nutrition and exercise information provided in this challenge is to be used entirely at your own risk.

Exercise and Nutrition goes hand-in-hand, so please speak to us for any advice about our personalised nutritional programs . Your intro week includes meal ideas, snack ideas accountability, nutrition tips, one-on-one coaching, access to our Facebook platform as well as a Challenge Guide (Only for Option 2 Challengers) with tips to help you get the best result!

Your partner, friends and family are more than welcome to join you. The stronger your accountability circle within the 4 Weeks, the better your result will be!

Best Transformation by pictures collects the CASH PRIZE

Cash Prize will be dispersed between 1st, 2nd and 3rd place

**Exterior judges are used

ENTRIES CLOSE: Friday 31 January 2020 :)

Our goal is to help each challenge member get nutrition-smart, work on their mindset, keep focused, get informed and have fun while gunning for their personal goal. We keep things simple, fun and inspiring... yet exceptionally effective.

This group gives you a taste of our long term online support structure and community

We are looking so forward to coaching you!!