Khuli Chana with the Sounds of THEM

Mon Apr 13, 14:00 - Mon Apr 13, 22:00
The Venue


To provide world class music and creative teaching and learning, thus see young people get to own their own platforms through their creativity 

•    9:00AM-1:00PM  

Music Factory Clinics as skills development workshops with the aim to have programs and learning centres to drive skills and development leading people establishing their businesses in both the media, content, arts creation and business industries


•     5:00 PM- 10:00PM

Live Shows as a way to demonstrate and stimulate  the economy in the best excellent manner aims to drive robust discussions with leading teachings and learning  by those who worked the mile in their journey, also having young undiscovered and independent artist, being given the chance to showcase their talent,  that will push the boundaries through teachers and facilitators who and done it themselves using technology as a bridge to offer their services and products to their audiences.  

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