Fire Walking KICKOFF 2020

Sat Feb 29, 17:00 - Sat Feb 29, 20:00
Zwartkops Raceway


WHY should I walk over fire?

  • Firewalking can help individuals learn to face their problems head-on and become inspired to go after anything they put their mind to.
  • Firewalking is something many people would never think about doing, the mention of it can create fear. But what is FEAR and why is it keeping us back?





By adjusting your mindset and having the belief that you can do it...walking over fire can change your life.

When you stand at the end of the fire walk, excited, thrilled and amazed, realising you did not burn your feet, you ask yourself: If I can walk on fire, what am I truly capable of...


Our Firewalk is designed to to show you that anything and everything is possible.

“ Cobus’s story is truly inspirational. What I love about him, he is a living example that if you put your mind to it you can achieve absolutely anything. That night we walked on fire…”

Robin Banks

Shaping your Destiny


Fire Walking KICKOFF 2020
Zwartkops Raceway
M22, Lekkerhoekie 450-Jr, Centurion, South Africa
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