Animus Flow Fest 2020

Sat Oct 3, 11:00 - Sun Oct 4, 17:00
Bonanza Farm



In light of the most recent precautions being taken in our country, we've decided to postpone this Animus Flow Fest.

We will have the next one at the next scheduled time somewhere around early October later this year.

We can either refund your ticket, or you can keep this ticket for the October event, we encourage you to do the latter!

If you find yourself in isolation in the coming months, remember that keeping up some practice can help keep that anxiety and boredom away, we will get through this!

Even though this event will be within the legal range of amount of people - we feel that in this critical time of the Covid-19 outbreak in SA the right thing to do is to limit contact with others as much as possible. Please, lets work together with the rest of our country to flatten the infection curve in SA, and avoid potential disaster. The quicker we act, the better we can tackle this issue.


Time for the Autumn edition of Animus Flow Fest! Once again we're back at the home of Animus with our hosts Andy and Yvette, and this time - WE HAVE A DAM!

Animus is a Latin word Duncan and Warren found that has quite a wide variety of meanings, to name a few: Mind, heart, affections, purpose, feeling, thought, sensibility, imagination, sense, consciousness, and our favourite - Soul as Thinking. We found all these words fitting for our Flow Arts festival and the space we aim to create.

What we'll do:

The main focus of this event is learning. We will have workshops running throughout the day on just about anything we can, but mainly Flow Arts/Juggling. We will have some of the top performers in Cape Town teaching their skill to anyone who would like to learn it!

In the evening we'll gather around for some music and fire spinning! We will have an open fire circle that anyone who is attending the festival can join in on, provided they are of sound mind! To fuel the circle we will have a wide variety of music playing, either through some speakers, or possibly though the hands of some drummers and guitarists.


We will be limiting tickets to 50 people again, and the tickets will work in a 3 tier system.

Early Birds (22nd Jan - 30th Jan): R150

Normal Pigeons (30th Jan - 3rd Oct): R250

Late Geese (At the door): R300 - cash only!

Day Pass: R150 (Come on either Saturday or Sunday, just for the day)

Kids under 12: Free!

A ticket gains you access to all the workshops throughout the weekend, free camping, and the ability (at the organisers discretion) to spin fire on the Saturday evening.

We've had to increase from last time, this is unfortunately necessary if we want to continue Animus as we have been, we hope you understand!

As time goes by we will be adding more, and so our budget will get bigger, these increases will be directly for the increase in quality of our festival, we promise we'll always try our best to bring you the best of what we can offer. Our main focus is and always will be toward creating a bigger, better flow arts community, not to line our own pockets.

This is a festival for YOU, so that you can LEARN and GROW in a safe, comfortable and encouraging environment.

You may arrive on the Friday evening if you so choose, but we will only officially start on Saturday morning.

What to bring:

- TOYS: Any props or toys you might have, hoops, poi, staff, yo-yo's, juggling balls, slacklines, unicycles, anything!

- LIGHTS: Any LED toys or decorations you might have.

- PARAFFIN: if you intend to spin fire.

- CAMPING GEAR: A tent to sleep in, we'll be camping! We'll have lots of shade, but it wouldn't hurt if you have a gazebo to bring to add to the comfort.

- WATER: There is no running water at the venue, please bring enough water for yourself for the weekend!

- FOOD: Food for the weekend, we won't have food stalls just yet, but you can expect some in the future. Yvette will be coming around for orders of toasted sarmies and smoothies though!

- SUNBLOCK: It can get real hot out on this farm, we will have lots of shade but please don't forget sunblock and sunhats.

- MUSIC: bring any instruments you have at home, even if you don't know how to play it!

- MIND: An open mind ready to soak up new information and skills, or to share information and skills, it goes both ways ;)

- HEART: An open heart ready to accept and be accepted.

- PURPOSE: Come with the intention to evolve.


We are inviting anyone who knows a thing or two and is willing to teach to be part of our workshop schedule. The main focus is of course Flow Arts based workshops, but we're open to anything, like leather working, yoga, drumming, making jewelry, tea making, ceramics, whatever sets your soul on fire and might ignite a spark in someone else's :)

Please contact us if you would like a space in our schedule, and in exchange we will work out a discount on your ticket price.


We will also need volunteers to help with a couple of things like fire safety, cleaning up (although everyone should do that themselves), setting up and down etc. Please contact us if you would like to volunteer for a discounted ticket!


QUIET TIME IS AT 23:30 :) Please respect this, a guitar playing softly is okay, drums are not, and blasting your personal speaker or sound system definitely is not ayoba.

Leave a Better Trace:

Everything you bring to the event must go home with you, including trash. Before you leave, inspect your campsites carefully and clean up the space around you (even if it isn't your mess), so that we can leave the venue better than we found it.

How to get there:

Take the N7 out of Cape Town towards Malmesbury, drive past the Engen One Stop. The usual entrance to the Bonanza Farm has changed due to roadworks. Carry on with the N7 and take the Atlantis turn off to Klein Dassenberg road, about 1km take Rondeberg turn off and 1st entrance on the left turn in. Travel all the way down the dirt roads - our gate is on the right by the cottage, where the parking is and tunnel to the fairy circle. --> Please see photo in Discussion section on our Facebook event.


Animus Flow Fest 2020
Bonanza Farm
N7, Cape Farms, Cape Town, South Africa
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