Mastering your life Mastering your Emotions

Sat Jan 25, 09:00 - Sat Jan 25, 16:00
NG Kerk Kloofendal Premises


Topic: Mastering your life, Mastering your emotions

Introduction: We all have plans, ambitions, hopes and dreams. We are all trying to achieve something, better relations, improved business, progress in our careers, improved health etc. But why is it so difficult or even painful to do this? Why is it that despite your best efforts you are getting the opposite outcomes of what you are intended to achieve.

One of the key reasons for this, is the lack of appreciation of the nature and extent woundedness in the context in which we operate. Not only do we bring our own wounds we also work, lead, manage and are in business and in relationships with people who are themselves wounded. 

So how do we not let this wounding not to stand in the way? How do we learn to master and manage the difficult, conflicting, painful and overwhelming emotions that come with operating within this context?

In this context, developing skills for mastering our emotions is not just a luxury for a few that can afford therapy but necessity for those who want achieve their goals and have healthy relationships.

This workshop aims to contribute in building your self mastery through providing you with knowledge and skills for masteting your emotions.

"Emotions are chemical reactions to your thoughts. They impact how you see, respond and relate to the world around you." Purdeep Sanghan

This seminar will focus on: 

1. Understanding the nature and extent of wounding in your context

2. Understanding your own wounding and its links to your emotions

3. Recognising and managing triggered emotions at home, work, business and other contexts

4. Understanding other people's wounding and its links to your emotions

5. Understanding the link between thoughts and emotions 

6. Strategies for mastering your emotions

7. Strategies for creating the emotional environment you desire around you

Expected outcomes

1. Increased self awareness

2. Reduced anxiety and fear

3. Increased capacity to manage anger

4. Increased capacity to respond to stressful situations

5. Increased capacity to cope with difficult relatioships

6. Improved emotional resilience

7. Improved leadership in various spheres inlcuding work, business and home

Cost:R4,000 per person

    R7,000 per couple

Good News Chapel will however as part of its community service, will be offering this service for free to the first 30people staying around Roodepoort

Facilitator:Ms. Mogapi is a clinical psychlogist with over 20years of working within emotional healing field. She specialises in traumatic stress, peacebuilding, and leadership training.

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Mastering your life Mastering your Emotions
NG Kerk Kloofendal Premises
9 Opal Ave, Kloofendal, Roodepoort, 1709
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