Business Bikes and Breakfast Jo'burg 28 February 2020

Fri Feb 28, 07:00 - Fri Feb 28, 14:00
The Grind Coffee Company

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Brent Spilkin, aka Spillly, is facilitating a bespoke solutions based group coaching session for your business and personal life in a trusted and transparent environment where your fellow BBBRAP members will hold you accountable to a monthly red line target.

The 1st #BBBRAP Session for 2020 will be based on a whole new format and we look forward to seeing how well this approach will work.

On Friday morning we ride just outside of Johannesburg where you will be served a breakfast and a transformative group coaching experience and given the tools to set short, mid and long term goals.

You will be joining a group of no more than 15 like-minded people on our Business, Bikes and Breakfast Radical Accountability Program [#BBBRAP].

We start at 7am, in Melrose Arch, where you will be briefed, caffeinated, and introduced to your new biker and coaching buddies along with instructions to our destination which is just over an hour away.

Once there, breakfast will be served and a 2,5 hour group coaching session will be run before the ride back to the city.

Each Biker rides away with some insight into themself and time out the office to focus on growth and improvement across all elements of their life! They also receive working document to reflect back on, as well as a few stickers and a unique BBBRAP posters for the days ride.

Friends will be made and bonds of trust established and just for fun, first time members get cool BBBRAP stickers.

What an amazing day out!



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