Impart · Improvised Art and Music

Wed Jun 17, 18:30 - Wed Jun 17, 22:00
Youngblood Art Gallery


Impart is a live evening of improvised piano and painting.


In front of a seated audience Liam Pitcher will play, on a grand piano, a single, highly varied improvisation in a contemporary melodic & abstract classical style.


At the same time, inspired by the music, Dragana Jevtovic will paint a large canvas in an acrylic medium.


When the concert begins, the canvas will be empty. At the end of the approximately two hour joint improvisation, the artwork will be complete.


The process is reactionary, and the music will directly inspire the artwork.


The improvisatory nature of the performance allows for no strict ending time, and the performance will conclude when the artists reach an unspoken resolution.


At the end of the evening the painting will be for sale (with a surprise bonus for the purchaser).


Guests will then have an opportunity to discuss the evening with the artists.

Hosted by Youngblood Arts and Culture Development

In collaboration with Fine Music Radio Inc.


18:30 - 19:30 | Dinner * & Drinks. Meet the Artists


19:30 - 21:30 | Performance


21:30 - 22:00 | Closing Discussion

* The Hot Skillet at the Young Blood Gallery offers a number of dishes that can be ordered on the night or pre-ordered:


Pre-order your meal (recommended) up to 15:00 on 17 March by calling 062 715 1873 or email to [email protected] or message


Orders can also be placed in the restaurant two hours before the event (i.e. at 17:30) on the 18th.

About the Artists

Dragana Jevtovic is a Serbian artist living in Cape Town. She has over 30 years of experience in the visual and performing arts and is the owner of a world-renowned ceramics studio.


Liam Pitcher is a pianist and composer from Cape Town. He has released over 100 original piano improvisations as part of his oeuvre, and is one of the most followed pianists in the world on social media.


Impart · Improvised Art and Music
Youngblood Art Gallery
Youngblood's Beautifull Life Building, 70 Bree St, Cape Town City Centre, Cape Town, 8000
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