Who the Hell am I? Psycho-analyse Yourself with this Ancient Personality Theory.

Tue Feb 11, 18:30 - Tue Feb 11, 21:00
Cause Effect Cocktail Kitchen and Cape Brandy bar


*This ticket includes a drink from Cause & Effect.

Are you hoping to change the way you interact with the world? Do you want to refine habits that no longer serve you? Are you interested in gaining insight into the actions, motivations and behaviours of others? Join renowned life coaches Marwaan Fredericks and Zainab Ebrahim in a conversation on how The Enneagram can transform your way of being and unleash your untapped power. 

First mentioned as early as the 4th Century, The Enneagram of Personality has been popularised as a groundbreaking social and psychological theory. This talk will delve into a deeper understanding of the theory, detailing the nine personality ‘types’ or ‘strategies’ of the Enneagram which are said to encompass the entirety of human behaviour. 

Our personalities are developed as defence mechanisms to cope with the world around us, they are rooted in childhood experiences that stem from three Core Emotional Centres; shame, fear and anger. The Enneagram offers us the liberating understanding that our personality traits are not who we are, but are a collection of curated behaviours within us that can be evolved and refined. 

Better understanding these Core Emotional Centres will provide eye-opening insight into our deepest unconscious desires, motivations and fears. Enneagram can be a vehicle to life-changing self-awareness and discovery, while aiding the empathy and understanding of our friends, romantic partners, colleagues and loved ones.