Women in Power

Sun Feb 16, 14:00 - Sun Feb 16, 21:00
Boardwalk Hotel, ICC Woodroom


Photography session for ladies gathered, mingling with each other while celebrating the "Valentine's atmosphere/spirit" dressed up to a point that they feel like a Queen.

The theme of the event is "Dress to Kill".

The event is designed to cater for a non-discriminative approach to ensure married, single, young or older women are all able to become assertive, enjoy their own beings without relying on the portrayal of their men, society, friends or family for identifying themselves as "Queens".

Every women is a "Queen" in the eyes of the LORD. Whether they have a bad-life history or best-life history but all women deserve to be happy and be treated like the Queens they have always wanted to be.

Siyaandrew Pty Ltd has embarked on a journey in 2020 of enlightening the women on the best way to defeat the recent and historical experiences of women abuse stories or GBVs(Gender Based Violences). Siyaandrew Pty Ltd then aims to showcase through a series of events that it is only when the ladies are not hating on each other but ganging-up into leading a world ruled by the Queens alongside their deserving Kings; that they can find victory and remove this GBV epidemic.

#2020vision_every_real_lady_owns_a_right_to entitlement_of_feeling_like_a_Queen.


Women in Power
Boardwalk Hotel, ICC Woodroom
Beach Rd, Summerstrand, Port Elizabeth, 6019
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