3-Rope TK Workshop

Sat Jan 18, 12:00 - Sat Jan 18, 17:00
Private home in Observatory, to be emailed on day of event


The Takate Kote (TK) or Munenawa is a fundamental Kinbaku tie. We will be spending this session learning this traditional tie in the Kinoko style. This workshop is limited to 7 pairs, and we would like to encourage those who complete it to join us later this year for more advanced workshops, gradually working up to partial and full suspensions.

Requirements for those tying:

  • 3 x 7-8m pieces of natural rope (preferably jute if you would like to progress to suspension, but hemp is also good)
  • We will have high quality jute rope available for you to use. Alternatively, reach out to the organisers if you would like to order your own set in advance. We also recommend the online store, Sudojute, for locally available treated jute rope (https://sudojute.myshopify.com/).
  • A solid single column tie
  • Safety shears

Requirements for those being tied:

  • Comfortable, tight-fitting clothing (like you would wear to yoga). Bras without underwire, or free the nipple.
  • This is a hands-behind-the-back tie, so the ability to sustain this position for an extended period is required.

Requirements for both:

  • Because of the technical nature of this class, we would like to stick to one role per person.
  • Water and snacks - please stay hydrated and fed, as sustaining a tie for an extended period can be quite taxing.
  • Communication throughout the tie.

If you would like to attend the class but struggle with the fees, please contact us and we can make an arrangement.

Code of conduct:

  1. CONSENT - ask before touching, ask where rope can and can't be laid, where hands can and can't be placed. Communicate consent verbally in the space.
  2. SAFETY - communicate before, during and after tying, ask about each other's current physical/mental/emotional state. Discuss tying within your risk profile. At all times work within the guidelines of SSC/RACK/PRICK.
  3. COMMUNICATION - between tops and bottoms, but also with the event organiser. If anything non-consensual or unsafe occurs, let us know and we will act.
  4. ANONYMITY - some peeps don't want to be photographed/recorded. Obtain express consent (noting people that may be in the background) beforehand. Respect this and delete pics if asked. Don't out people who attend RopeyThings events - if you see someone you know, and they want to be anonymous in the space, respect each other and be discreet.
  5. KEEP IT PG13 - please don't treat this class as foreplay. It is an intimate artform, but this is not a sexual space. That being said - free the nip but keep the crotch area covered.
  6. SUBSTANCES - NO drugs permitted, as it puts the user, everyone attending as well as the organisers at risk of prosecution.
  7. ROAR - Right of admission reserved.

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