Breaking Cycles

Fri Jan 31, 11:00 - Sat Feb 1, 00:00


Tyler Breedekamp is a young woman who grew up in a Child and Youth care centre for most of her childhood.

That experience eventually led her to developing the concept of Breaking Cycles.

After matriculating she went on to obtain a social auxiliary work qualification and started her career off working at various NGO’s in child protection and child and youth care facilities. It was through this that she really began to understand the importance of Breaking Cycles and the need for the programme to manifest into reality.


As a person herself who has been through the system and experienced the difficulties of exiting a child and youth care centre , Tyler saw the deep need young people have for support in terms of transitioning from care to mainstream society.

Breaking Cycles aims to impact youth exiting care and facilitate skills development, personal growth and self-love/care.

Tyler's passion and drive comes from the numerous individuals who have impacted her life in the most amazing ways. Adults who have presented her with opportunities to dream, go after what she wants, change her mindset which allows her to go after the life she deserves. She feels compelled to pass on this belief in self, values and skills to other under-served youth so that they are afforded the same opportunities.

Breaking Cycles aims to assist youth who have exited child and youth care centres and institutional environments to change behaviour patterns, acknowledge trauma, identify dysfunctional and unhealthy beliefs that are detrimental to personal growth and development and empower young people to break generational cycles of trauma.

This event serves as a funding effort to help Tyler get Breaking Cycles off the ground. We would appreciate all support and sharing. Thank you for choosing to be part of this important process.

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