Perception - A Collection of Magical Experiences

Sat Feb 15, 15:00 - Sat Feb 15, 20:30
Magnet Theatre


Perception - A Collection of Magical Experiments

Join us for a series of experiences within the concept of Perception. This show is months in the making and is now coming to you live from The Magnet Theater in Observatory. The show stars the very talented, Riyago Maartens the Magician and Liam Hewitson the Mentalist. This is their first show as a mind- blowing duo, but certainly not there first time on stage. You may of seen them in the likes of the sold-out show "The Four Suits: Connectivity" at the beautiful College of Magic or "Imagine" and "World of Magic" held at the Artscapes! Now for one night only the two will be performing their show Perception.

The production aims to show people the power our perception of the world can have on our day to day lives. If you perceive your live to by happy and positive it will be happy and positive. How we decide to react to the things that happen around us is all up to ones perception. When putting this concept into the terms of magic and mentalist , whether one believes in magic or mind reading is up to ones perception. Magic lives in the perception of the mind. Is it real or not? Well that's up to you.

With hilarious humor, mind blowing magic and insane mind reading, this show has something for everyone and is something you can bring your whole family too. So see you at the Magnet Theater on the 15th of February 2020 for the greatest magic show, family event!


Perception - A Collection of Magical Experiences
Magnet Theatre
142 Lower Main Rd, Observatory, Cape Town, 7925
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