Bravado Bunker Funky Fortnite 1v1 Tournament

Sat Jan 11, 09:00 - Sat Jan 11, 19:30
The Bravado Bunker

NOTE: The information displayed on this page is very brief. Before purchasing your ticket and registering for this tournament please head over to the detailed link (found in the description below) and read the article with all the relevant information.


On Saturday the 11th of January 2020, The Bravado Bunker will be hosting a 1v1 innovative style Fortnite event. The Funky Fortnite event was created to offer a non-traditional, action cup tournament and will be taking place at the Bravado Bunker in the Matrix Maverick Gaming Centre in Rivonia, Johannesburg. The purpose of this event is to try and create an innovative Fortnite tournament, allowing for a combination of a social and competitive event type play-style that gives opportunity to individuals who enjoy the mechanics and strategy of a 1v1 sandbox style arena.

Although this is a format or event that has rarely happened before, the team at the Bravado Bunker has done their best to find a good combination between the format, rules and prize-pool breakdowns considering the equipment we have and the time-frame we’ve been allocated. We’ve done our best to ensure an effective and efficient event and environment. With this being one of it’s first of it’s kind, we’re sure to encounter some challenges which we’ll continue to iron out in order to provide a better and more exciting experiences when innovating events in different forms of the title. With your support and help we’ll succeed in doing this!

This Fortnite Creative mode encompasses a sandbox play-style enabling two players to go head-to-head, allowing them to showcase their in-game skills and ability to outsmart their opposition. With the input of some of the Bravado players, a creative map has been developed that will be used for the Bravado Bunker Funky Fortnite 1v1 Event on the day of the tournament. The map was created with an open playing field with a mountainous outskirt, forcing players to rely largely on their building skills. Each player will be provided with infinite materials, a purple shotgun, a blue assault rifle and a grapple.

Players will begin by each standing on a ramp divided by a wall while facing each other. A countdown will begin in which players will edit the wall between them, build up the ramp and attempt to eliminate their opponent. Players have a grapple as a fail safe in the event they fall off their built ramps. Players who attempt to use their grapple to gain height will be eliminated. The event will begin with a group stage format (4 groups of 8 players) and proceed to a single elimination playoff bracket. If you’d like to jump in the map and get prepared for the event against some of your friends the map code is 7188-9954-8009


The information displayed on this page is very brief. Before purchasing your ticket please head over to the detailed link and article on the event that can be found HERE

This article will explain the event, format, details, information, rules, prize-pools and more. This includes the following sections:

Section 1: Entrance Fee, Ticket Purchase & Registration.

Section 2: General Format & Information.

Section 3: General Schedule.

Section 4: Prize Pool & Distribution.

Section 5: PC’s, Monitors & Equipment.

Section 6: General Terms & Conditions.

Section 7: Conclusion.

Section 8: Updates.

VERY IMPORTANT: We are aware that 2 factor authentication may be a little delayed with EPIC games when logging into a new PC. We please ask all participants to either remove 2 factor authentication from their accounts for before the day of the event or setup a new account before the event with all your key binds and settings already setup. This way we won't have to wait for 2 factor authentication and all your key binds will be setup on your accounts when logging into the Alienware PC's. We cannot afford to have any delays on the day of the tournament as time is very limited in the group stages (as you may calculated, there will be 216 1v1 games played only in the group stages in total). 

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Bravado Bunker Funky Fortnite 1v1 Tournament
The Bravado Bunker
Rivonia Crossing, Phase 1, Corner Of Rivonia Road &, Witkoppen Rd, Rivonia, Sandton, 2157
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