STFD presents Chantel Van T and Sam Doores (US)

Fri Jan 17, 18:30 - Fri Jan 17, 23:00
Sit the Folk Down


Our first house concert for 2020 is going to be a great one featuring local artist Chantel Van T and Sam Doores, on tour from the US

We are hosting the show at a beautiful house on the slopes of Hout Bay. We've had shows here before and they never disappoint.

The artists:


Sam Doores is a New Orleans-based musician, songwriter and producer who co-runs Mashed Potato Records, plays in The Deslondes, Jackson & The Janks and also performs as Sam Doores.

Written on-and-off over the course of several years, Doores’ captivating self-titled debut is classic and contemporary all at once, blending traditional southern roots with adventurous sonic landscapes as it reckons with heartache and loss, love and gratitude, fresh starts and, ultimately, a whole lotta change. Doores’ timeless ear for songcraft and easygoing delivery combine here to yield a sound that feels instantly familiar, full of comfort and warmth even as it breaks bold new ground. The performances are infectious in their ease, simple on the surface but built on foundations of deep emotional and harmonic complexity that belie their amiable exteriors. It’s a dynamic that Doores is quick to credit to producer Anders ‘Ormen’ Christopherson, whose chance email sparked the entire project.


Chantel Van T is an alternative folk artist based in Cape Town. Her debut album ‘We’re Still Running’ was released in 2015 (under the name Van T) while 2020 looks to be the year that she releases her new, highly evocative upcoming album ‘Nicalochan’. 

Nicalochan is like no other body of work she has created. This album is a mature, honest creation that is neither overthought nor over-produced. It is an untampered-with creation from an artist with a fervent intention to make the listener feel- be it to haunt or to uplift. It was recorded on tape over two summers by Danish producer Anders Christopherson (WSLS Records) in his self-built Berlin studio. Together with a few remarkable musicians they found sounds and rhythms that helped tell the stories of her songs and hold her possessed voice. The album seeks to explore the artists’ inner world without artifice or any attempt to mask vulnerability. The lyrics speak of dreams and illusions, of disruptive forces in her childhood, of understanding love and of becoming a woman. Nicalochan is an album born of seamless creativity imparting to the listener a sense of inspiration and wonder. 

Tickets are R80 online and R100 at the door. Bring your own booze and anything you might want to eat (picnic basket). Doors open at 18h30 and the show will start at 20h00


STFD presents Chantel Van T and Sam Doores (US)
Sit the Folk Down
12 Hugo Ave, Scott Estate, Cape Town, 7806
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