Sanctuary Meditation

Sat Dec 28, 19:00 - Sat Feb 1, 21:30


Learn a fail-safe technique to go into your sanctuary and commune with your higher self in this very special class. No previous meditation experience is required. This is an amazing way to develop your relationship with your higher self, whom you can regularly go and meet to obtain answers to all of your big and small questions as well as seeking guidance on difficult decisions.

Date: 5 Feb

Time: 19h00-21h30

Investment: Via Quicket or at the door R250

For more information contact call/WhatsApp Soul on 061 771 9740 or email [email protected]

From the host Robyn:

Hi there, my name is Robyn Smith. I am a certified Life Activation and Practitioner, an Initiated Ritual Master and Celtic Shaman in the 3000-year-old Tradition and Lineage of King Solomon, whose teachings and healing modalities have been handed down through The Modern Mystery School.

I have lived a passionate, adventurous life so far, and have allowed my heart to lead me. The most valuable currency I hold in this precious time on Earth has been my search for authenticity, joy and meaning. I have always had an insatiable desire to know myself and to understand what I am doing here. It is a never-ending quest and one in it itself that has been the key to joy. For our joy lies within. It is our birthright. It is who we are. The path to joy, is the path to within.

I have travelled extensively as an innovation consultant, working in a team that would help top leaders understand how to build an innovative culture. Thereafter, I started and lead my own successful ethical company for 13 years. I am a mother to 2 gorgeous little Scorpio boys. I have committed myself to my search to knowing myself through various spiritual communities, energetic healing, retreats, meditations, chanting and personal practice.

After 13 years of working tirelessly to encourage people to treat their environment as an extension of themselves, I have repeatedly found myself at a point where it is so clear to me that our relationship with our environment is reflected in our relationship with ourselves. From this, I have seen that the most sustainable way to create everlasting change in how we treat all that is around us, is to heal ourselves. I have naturally found myself becoming more and more impassioned about helping others to recognise their divinity and to love and treat themselves with more respect.

I have been searching for ways to connect and know myself deeper for as long as I can remember. This commitment to my spiritual path has grown to a point where I have been handed down tools that can support others to grow and heal. In my healing practice, I do one on one healings with clients; run meditations and teach spiritual classes that equip my clients with tools to raise their vibration and that of their surroundings. I am passionate about helping others to find their paths to joy and to live the life of their dreams.

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Sanctuary Meditation
388 Albert Rd, Woodstock, Cape Town, 7915
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