Family River Rafting Event, 26 January 2020, Lanseria, GP

Sun Jan 26, 09:00 - Sun Jan 26, 14:00


Family River Rafting Event, 26 January 2020, Lanseria, GP

Join us for a family fun day close to Gauteng.! From ages 10 up. River Rafting Sunday 26 Jan, 2020 Fun for the whole family! Only 35 km from Johannesburg - pin location will be sent once the booking is confirmed. Near Northam Bike MTB Park, Lanseria.

The river rafting experience offers no less than 5 grade 1 and 2 rapids, with the last two epic rapids, one with a drop of 1 meter on S bent and nearly 2-meter drop on Jacuzzi Rapid. The route is 2,9 km long. Enjoy a drink at the cash bar after having completed your activity!

We launch a group at 09h00 & 12h00. 2 people per boat. Children over 10 welcome. Arrive 30min before your batch time.

Cost: R370 per person (2 people per boat).

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Detailed directions and pin location will be sent one week before event

More info : WA Sandra 083 461 6102 / email : [email protected]

For any other information contact Sandra / 083 461 6102


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NO REFUNDS - Substitutes at no cost allowed.

Activity dependent on weather and/or water conditions.

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Family River Rafting Event, 26 January 2020, Lanseria, GP
Lanseria, 1739
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