Sat Apr 4, 09:00 - Sun Apr 5, 09:00
Shanthi Sanctuary


Attend an awesome NEW workshop on the Akashic Records.

The Akashic records contain information about your soul journey and mission in this lifetime and what energy you have come to learn and leave behind in the physical world. It also contains information about your life on earth, the people you are destined to meet and the lifestyle you are destined to create for yourself.

In this 2-day weekend workshop with Eric Richardson, you will learn

What the Akashic records are and what they contain

What are the methods to access the records?

Clear step-by-step instructions utilizing simple yet powerful processes so that people can reclaim what is their birthright – to incarnate into the physical plane without losing contact with the energy and wisdom of the Divine

How to prepare for the Akashic Record space

What kind of questions can be answered and how to ask them

What information you can get through the records

Different uses for the Akashic Records

See glimpses and scenes from a past life knowing what your ultimate life purpose is and why you chose to incarnate at this time

Learn to read your Akashic Records.

How can I use what I learn to enhance my own life and the lives of others?

How accessing the Akashic Records helps with healing.

No matter what healing modalities you already practice, this workshop will offer amazing tools to enhance your own spiritual practice and personal transformation.

No prerequisites are required.

R3800 per person.

All participants with full attendance will receive a Certificate of Completion.



Eric Richardson holds a Certificate of Science and is a Master Instructor & Practitioner in the technique of ThetaHealing®. He has also qualified in a number of other healing modalities, is a certified metaphysical teacher, and has an international private practice where he works with clients in the areas of improving health, wealth, and relationships. He also travels as a motivational speaker and trainer in gender consciousness healing. He is also available for 1-2-1 healing sessions to clear blocks to health, wealth and happiness.

Twitter: @transformereric

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/richardsonericm/


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