6 Weeks Shape up

Mon Jan 6, 07:00 - Thu Feb 13, 17:00


Welcome to the 6 Weeks Shape Up Event

We are super excited to teach each and everyone of you Shape Up in 6 weeks because You Can! Most people set themselves new year's resolutions which last for two to three weeks maximum and then they fall off. What works well is having an Accountability partner that keeps you focused and accountable to your nutrition plan and your weekly workouts.

No need to attend a training session somewhere or rush in traffic. All from the comfort of your own home.

What you will also need:

Resistance bands or hand weights (if you are planning home workouts).

Your Event Ticket will include:

·        Meal Plan and Shopping List

·        Exercise program (Level 1, 2 and 3)

·        Additional tips for best results

·        A Secret Facebook Group and Support

·        WhatsApp Group and Support

Your exercise plan will require:

·        3 days per week commitment (starting at level 1, working up to level 3)

·        Weight Training (resistance bands or hand weights if you are going to train at home)

·       Running, a 1km to 2km run will be a start. Practice like a Park Run would be ideal,

Saturday or Sunday

·        If you already belong to a gym, you can incorporate all these elements to your

existing routine

As soon as you have entered, down load the meal plan and go do your shopping so that you have the right foods in your fridge/cupboard. Make sure you avoid the NO FOODS in your house. You are then ready to start training, eat clean and prepare yourself for victory!

In order to help and support your nutrition plan, we have 2 Nutrition Plan Options for you to choose from:

Option 1: Healthy Breakfast Plan. – R797 ( Customer price, if you're a member, your discount level applies.)

1 x Formula 1 Meal Replacement Shake (780g)

1 x Thermojetics tea (Fat Burner)

Option 2: Weight Loss Plan – R1,341 (This is the customer price, if you're a member, your discount level applies.)

2 x Formula 1 Meal Replacement Shakes. ( Different Flavors)

1 x Thermojetics Tea (Fat Burner)

1 x Multi Fiber (Digestive Health)


1 x Aloe Mango R408. (Customer price, your discount level applies if you're a member)


Aloe Max (97% Pure Aloe) - R585 (Customer price, you're discount level applies if you are a member).

Select the Nutrition Plan that suits you best and order directly from Herbalife or contact the person who invited you to the event to order your nutrition plan. As soon as you have ordered your nutrition plan, send the order number to [email protected] and you are ready to be added to the secret Facebook Group. You will find your Meal Plan and your workouts under the Files tab on the FB group.

If you have not been invited by someone or you have seen the event advertised on Facebook, contact the office at [email protected] with your contact information and we will contact you.


The following rules apply to this event:

·       Event tickets are Non refundable

·       Your Nutrition Plan Option is mandatory in order to take part in the event.

·       One Nutrition Plan per person entering.

It is much easier to achieve a goal if you part of a group of like minded people with the same goal in mind. In the Facebook group, we keep each other accountable, share recipes and snack ideas. We look forward to your results and your photo at the finish line!

You can do this. We're looking forward to congratulating you on your achievement.

Team at Health and Wellness


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