SAAO Sutherland Night Tour 20/21

Wed Dec 2, 20:00 - Wed Dec 29, 21:30
Sutherland night tours


Night tours at Sutherland allow visitors to view interesting objects in the night sky, through two dedicated visitor telescopes. Note that visitors cannot visit any of the research telescopes at night. Astronomy is a light-sensitive science and no lights are allowed on the plateau in the evenings, making it impossible to see anything at all.

The tour lasts approximately 90 minutes, but may be cancelled due to inclement weather conditions. If the weather is bad, the guide will take you to the Visitor Centre for a movie in case it clears up later.

Please ensure you arrive 30 minutes before your selected schedule to avoid any problems. This is to ensure that we cover all admin related tasks before the tour begins.


Tours: Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. Please note that the tours are closed on 16th, 25th & 26th December 2020. When booking tours, you will be notified of your tour’s exact starting time.

Tour fees go towards the SAAO’s education, public outreach and socio-economic development programmes. Tour bookings must be paid in advance – no payments will be accepted on site.

Tour guides will meet you at the Visitor Centre at your scheduled time. If you arrive early please wait at the Visitor Centre for your guide. This is a secure site and all other buildings are off limits to the public. In an emergency you may call 076 900 0308. For queries, please email [email protected].

NB: Please do not drive up the road leading to the domes. This is a “NO LIGHTS” research area where local and international astronomers are at work. The visitors’ telescopes are very near the Visitor Centre and not up on the hill.

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SAAO Sutherland Night Tour 20/21
Sutherland night tours
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