The Property Collab - Networking Event

Tue Jan 28, 18:30 - Tue Jan 28, 20:30
Skoobs Theater of Books (Upstairs at the Champagne Bar), Monte Casino


This Networking Event

As this is our first networking event, so we are focusing on Networking. This is why we started The Property Collab, and we believe it is the cornerstone to success.

About Us

We are proud to finally launch The Property Collab. These networking events promise to be an action-packed night of Networking, Education and everything to do with property.

  • The event will kick off with some introduction of who we are and what our vision is for The Property Collab.
  • Followed with some intensive networking, getting to know each other and a chance to meet others who can push your property journey forward.
  • We will also be exploring some real-life deals, show some creative, simple and advanced strategies that we have personally been involved in, so we can show you what is possible with property and why we love investing in property. In future, we hope to make this part of the night all about your deals, where you can present and show others the deals that you have done, creative ways that you have made success and help others learn more about different deals.
  • We will close out the night with a brief knowledge share and help keep you focused and your head strong for the year ahead.

About the Venue

Skoobs Theatre of Books, in Montecasino was an obvious choice for us as we firmly believe in the power of self-education. This form of education can be gained from reading and studying the successes of those who have already achieved what we want to achieve.

Reading books, listening to audiobooks, podcasts, attending short courses and networking events are all ways of self-education which raises financial intelligence and fast tracks the path to a better life.

Our event is held in Skoobs, upstairs at the Champagne bar, where a cash bar is available. An ideal setting for hosting our Networking Event, meeting new people and interacting with like-minded individuals. Who knows, you might even meet a new partner, investor or even your next deal.

Sign up, book for the event, drop us a note, follow us on Social Media. Everything can be done from our Website. The Property Collab

Be.Real - Be.Free - Collaborate

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The Property Collab - Networking Event
Skoobs Theater of Books (Upstairs at the Champagne Bar), Monte Casino
Montecasino Blvd, Fourways, Sandton, 2055
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