Revive Jozi

Wed Feb 26, 16:00 - Wed Feb 26, 21:00
Rosebank Union Church


We live in a time where our great city is defined by a high violent crime rate, rampant unemployment, gender-based violence, not to mention the recent outbreaks xenophobia. Darkness seems to pervade the city. In the midst of this, the city of Jozi, Joburg, or Egoli is home to some 8 million people in the metro area; many of whom do not embrace the Christian Faith. God has placed the church in this great city to be a light to the nations and to deeply impact Southern Africa’s greatest city. We need to move out of our ecclesial Ghettos in order to see the Gospel transform this city!  The power of pray and the prosperity of a city cannot be underestimated! The Luis Palau Association is passionate about proclaiming the Gospel, Uniting the Church and impacting cities worldwide. We are thrilled to be able to see this happen in Joburg in increasing ways.


What do we see? We see a city where God’s peace reigns, where the Gospel is proclaimed with power and in unity through the church in a way that leads to movemental change in our culture. We see a city where churches work together for God’s Kingdom and where pastors no longer view one another with suspicion and disregard. We see a united voice in our city that speaks to the many social ills that pervade the city. We see God at work like never before!


A citywide movement of God is always preceded by fervent prayer and a renewed commitment to the centrality of the gospel. Save the date now! On Wednesday February 26th the Luis Palau Association, International Mission Board, African Enterprises and other amazing organizations are hosting a citywide prayer event for Jozi at Rosebank Union Church.


Our vision is to unite 100 churches across the denominational spectrum for this first event and to saturate the city in prayer. We seek to elevate evangelism and open up avenues for collaborative partnership in South Africa’s leading city so that the Gospel may go out, churches would be renewed and our city would thrive!



I cannot wait to welcome you and to see all that God plans on doing.

Desmond Henry

Luis Palau Association


Revive Jozi
Rosebank Union Church
38 St Andrews Rd, Hurlingham, Sandton, 2070
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