Fire and Feast with Veld and Sea

Sat Jan 18, 11:00 - Sat Jan 18, 19:00
Veld and Sea



Fire awakens a deep primal essence within us. It is one of our most ancient abilities and when we truly connect with this skill we provoke an awakening in our core quintessential human nature.


Guests will be greeted with fire cooked breakfast rolls and coffee, an introduction to foraging, wild flavours and a hands on introduction on the art of fire making. This will be followed by an integration exercise into our natural surroundings, learning to become aware of the signs of nature, the bird language and heightened perception through expanding our senses. We will embark on a foraging walk in search of good tinder, kindling and a selection of wild and seasonal ingredients that we will use in our meal.

Discover how to gain a flame from foraged materials such as moss, dried mushrooms, grasses and explore a few techniques of making fire – the bow drill, the hand drill, flint and steel.

Together as a group we will make a delicious seasonal inspired meal, infused with adventure, and cooked on the fire we create. We will be using a variety of fire cooking techniques including smoking, coals, a fire pit, vibrant heat, and using whittled sticks and kelp bulbs as cooking equipment. Ingredients used will be farm veg, wild herbs, seaweeds, locally speared fish and farm raised meat. The meal will be served up in the festively decorated Glasshouse with music and candle light.

After the meal, you will be gifted your own fire kit to take home made from locally sourced materials.

Whether you’re interested in wilderness survival, stories of the past, or you just love a fire cooked meal, you’ll leave this experience confident in your knowledge of fire making!

This workshop will be facilitated by Earthskills Africa co-founder and teacher Rein Buyze, wild food forager Roushanna Gray, farmer cook landscaper Tom Gray and the full Veld and Sea team.

VENUE: Veld and Sea cabin at the Good Hope Gardens Nursery in Cape Point

COST: R1200

INCLUDES: Breakfast, refreshments, a wild flavoured fire cooked meal, notes, recipes and a fire kit to take home.

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Fire and Feast with Veld and Sea
Veld and Sea
7976, Plateau Rd, Cape Peninsula, Cape Town, South Africa
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