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The Event

The ATK Fortnite Holiday DUO Customs Tournament

Team up and go against the best in the business with our DUO's events.


Entry fee : R250 per team

A seat to play from ATK Arena is R100 for the day per person. Doors open at 9:30. Seating will start from 10am.

Prize Pool :

R4500.00 fixed prize pool

+30 teams R6000 prize pool

+40 teams R7500 prize pool

Prize Pool of R4500 shared between teams

First place __________R1900

Second place ________R1200

Third place __________R800

Fourth Place _________R600

Prize Pool of R6000 shared between teams

First place ___________R2500

Second place ________R1600

Third place __________R1200

Fourth Place _________R700

Prize Pool of R7500 shared between teams

First place ___________R3000

Second place ________R2000

Third place __________R1500

Fourth Place _________R1000

Game Schedule

10am - 10:30am _____________setup and warmup

10:30am - 11am__________game 1

10min _______________________admin

11:10 - 11:40am __________game 2

10min _______________________Admin

11:50am - 12:20pm __________ game 3

90min _______________________Lunch

1:50pm - 2:20pm________________ Game 4

10min _______________________Admin

2:30pm - 3pm____________ Game 5

10min______________________ Admin

3:10pm - 3:40____________Game 6

20min _______________________Admin

4pm ________________________End

Placement Points

Victory Royale________________10 points

Placed 2-4 ____________________ 7 points

Placed 5-7_____________________5 points

Placed 8-12___________________ 3 points

  • 1 point per elimination
  • Play 6 games for the duration of the day.
  •  The 4 highest scoring teams for the day share the prize pool.
  •   If there is a tie, the winner will be decided using Victory Royale, Kills and lastly Placement. If this does not decide the winner the prize will be shared.

Holiday DUO Event Calendar

  • Tuesday 17th December Duo Open tournament

  • Thursday 2nd January Duo Open tournament

Event Rules

  • Team Captain buys tickets and submits their Discord name to be added to our Discord channel.
  • Scores submitted via Discord
  • Custom Keys are given to captains through Discord.
  • Captains tell their partners the code.
  • Compensation points for missing the lobby will be awarded based on the average score of the played games for the team
  • One re-queue per game if more than 3 teams are not queued
  • No leaking of the code.
  • No Anonymous player handles
  • No Teaming

House Rule

  • No maximum or minimum age limit
  • No eating or drinking at the stations (No Alcohol).
  • No external drink allowed into the Arena.
  • No vaping or smoking indoors.
  • Every ticket holder is responsible for the peripherals at their station.
  • Each player can enter multiple times.
  • Participants to conduct themselves in an orderly manner at all times.
  • Clean up your station once your leave
  • Respect other people's property.
  • You may bring your own peripherals.
  • If you play with a controller, you are responsible to bring your own controller.
  • If you are caught cheating at the LAN you will be asked to leave.
  • All entrants in the event while inside ATK Arena give permission for digital media to be recorded which may include photographs
  • All photographic footage recorded during the event is the property of ATK arena
  • ATK reserves the right to utilize any digital media recorded during it's events for it's own purposes without requiring permission from the subject
  • Right of admission reserved.
  • Terms and Conditions apply

When and where?

ATK Arena
Main Road 91
Cape Town
South Africa

Fri 03 Jan 2020 at 10:00 AM (SAST)
Fri 03 Jan 2020 at 4:00 PM (SAST)

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