Memoir Course in Muizenberg

Mon Jan 27, 09:00 - Fri Jan 31, 13:00


"You can't go back and change the beginning, but you can start where you are and change the ending." CS Lewis

Life Righting Collective invites you to review the story you are living, exploring the themes of your life through writing.

It’s a creative act – writing down our thoughts, feelings and life events. Taking the blurred feeling of what disturbs us, and using the raw materials of the artist – metaphor, symbol, emotion, image – we can have a conversation with what we don’t know we don’t know.

We get closer to the core of our life story. When we practice being in the ‘download’ of the creative space, we provide a conduit for new information. Material arrives on the page to help us understand who we are, how we got to this point and how to proceed. While it may be therapeutic and have an element of catharsis, the process of writing a memoir is not therapy. Like all art, writing creates something that has a transformative effect through its own intrinsic value, turning straw into gold. By writing our life stories, we get to see them from a new perspective and are able to reflect upon them. Regular creative practice is a powerful tool to manage anxiety and to grow confidence.

This course will be facilitated by Dawn Garisch who has been running life writing courses since 2009. Dawn is a medical doctor, as well as an award-winning writer, having published six novels, two poetry collections and two works of non-fiction.

The course fee is R2 800.

For more information or questions kindly email Terry - [email protected]

Our courses are open to all!

The Life Righting Collective is membership organisation as well as an NPO. We run courses for anyone who wants to learn to write about their experiences. The approach promotes self-discovery, self-recovery and more effective communication. Learn more about us from the video below:

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