Icaros: Purely Psytrance v2

Fri Jan 24, 18:30 - Sat Jan 25, 02:00
Room 22


After the joys of December revels, and the torpor of dry January, we present to you, on January payday 2020, an oasis ...

** Icaros: Purely Psytrance v2 **

Icaros is a magic song given by a plant to a shaman for use in healing. In this second installment of this special event, we dive deep into the Amazonian rainforest: the heart of shamanic training, where many apprentices & shamans receive their icaros.

Please join us once again, or for the very first time, in raising the vibration of ourselves and the planet by opening our hearts to the music and each other, and stomping to the beat of our drums!

2 floors, 9 acts

** LINE-UP **



TOUCAN FLOOR (zenon, melodic prog, dark prog)


JAGUAR FLOOR (full-on, twilight)



Presale: R110 - on sale until 23 Jan 2020, midnight

Door: R140


Room22, Sunninghill, The Square Shopping Center, Sunninghill, Cnr Leeuwkop and Naivasha Road


> 2 Dancefloors, 9 acts - Purely Psytrance !!

> Cash Bar (ID's will be checked at the Door)

> Impeccable Sound

> Secure Parking with excellent access

> Great Vibes - Outside chill area

> UV Décor by Acura Decor

> Generator at the Venue


> No Bad Attitudes

> No Under 18's (ID's checked on Request)

> No Independent Sound Systems

> No Illegal Substances or Paraphernalia

> No Car bars or trying to bring alcohol inside


Entry is at your own Risk. The organisers will not accept responsibility for fire, damage, theft, loss of power or any other situation that was not a direct cause from them. In the event that such negligence was caused by the organiser, we accept no liability for any such eventuality. Due care is taken to create a safe and friendly environment to be entertained in.

Tickets are non-refundable.

Right of Admission Reserved.

ARTWORK BY: Six Axis Graphics

EVENT BY: Infiniti Music Events

Copyright, 2019, All rights reserved


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