Workshop: Hand wash and Hand lotion

Sat Dec 21, 09:00 - Sat Dec 21, 13:00
+27 Cafe Coffee Bar


Give a personal handmade gift this year.

Create your own personal signature fragrance and share it with your loved ones.

Join us at the workshop and you will learn how to mix glycerine, unsaturated butters, emulsifiers and essential oils to create your own signature hand lotion. In your kit you will have enough raw materials to make three gift sets to the value of R600! We know how stressfull this time of year can be, to make things easier for you we have included everything you need in your kit. You don't need to bring anything with you to make your gift sets - isn't that just such a relieve? The containers, instructions, raw materials, utensils, meal ticket .... everything already packaged just for you.

Also to help you with some gifting ideas there will be a shop where you can buy additional kits, materials, packaging material and additional essential oils - no need to go a search for any of the ingredients if you want to take it home and make more.

All the raw ingredients are are 100% natural and they have no additives and no chemicals. It is also all plant based raw materials making it vegan friendly and safe for any skintype.

Your workshop ticket includes:

  • 750ml castile liquid soap in a container
  • 3x 10ml essential oils
  • 750ml hand lotion raw materials (butter, glycerine, aqueos cream, emulsifier)
  • recipe cards for both the lotion and the soap
  • method cards
  • meal and drink provided by +27 Cafe

The location of the venue is +27 Cafe (South on Duncan) Please find the location details here:

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