Money Mentality Webinar

Fri Dec 13, 10:30 - Fri Dec 13, 13:00


Our relationships with money are as complex as we are. Despite the emotional nature of money, it's important to push past the discomfort we may feel in talking or thinking about money.

If we can push past the discomfort, we can fully examine our thoughts and habits so we can learn, grow, and improve our lives, financial and otherwise.

In general, there are four main money mentalities:

  1. Avoidance Money Mentality
  2. Anxious Money Mentality
  3. Worship Money Mentality
  4. Abundance Money Mentality

Each of these mentalities bring their own specific set of traits, mantras, pros, and cons.

This webinar will equip you :

  1. To identify your money mentality
  2. To explore what it means for your financial affairs
  3. With a concrete plan of action to move forward into 2020 with confidence

This offer is for you if you are unhappy with your current financial situation and you are not sure about which steps to take to improve to improve your financial affairs.

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