Starting an Online Business in South Africa - eCommerce Seminar

Sat Dec 7, 09:00 - Sat Dec 7, 12:00
Student YMCA, Sitters-Pearce Hall


Starting an online business can be very daunting at the beginning. It takes courage to navigate a brand new environment when you don't even know where to start!

This seminar will change that. By the end, you should be equipped with enough knowledge to start your own online business in South Africa and avoid months of lost time, unnecessary stress and squandered money.

Hosted by Daniel Martin, the founder of Cacoon and BrandUs, it will be a worthwhile experience for any aspiring entrepreneur! You don't want to miss this opportunity!

The seminar will focus on taking you from the very beginning of starting a business which includes understanding the context, infrastructure, design, and development of any online store, to the end making sales, advertising, distributing products and understanding revenue and taxes. The seminar will go through the P.E.P. Framework for eCommerce developed by Daniel.


- Context of eCommerce in South Africa

- Types of online businesses

- Value chain overview

- Market analysis

- Value proposition (creating a product, dropshipping)

- Knowing your customer

- Costing

- Product Presentation

- Registering your business

- Value Added Tax

- Black Economic Empowerment

- Unemployment Insurance Fund

- Business email

- Domains and trust

- Website infrastructure

- Warehousing

- Distribution

- Payment Capturing

- Costs

- Advertising

- Customer service

- Customer feedback

- Revenue

- Tax

- The big picture

Daniel is a full-time student at the University of Cape Town studying a Bachelor of Business Science in Management Studies specialising in Finance with Accounting. He founded two online businesses. The first, BrandUs (, is a marketing firm that specialises in Passive Activation, Social Media Management and Market Research which is all aimed at university students. The second, Cacoon (, is an eCommerce Store that sells Student Cacoons, Care Cacoons, and Mystery Cacoons nationally in South Africa.

Give yourself an advantage in starting an online business and save yourself all the stress and time that it takes to gain the necessary knowledge and experience to create a functioning and successful online store.

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Starting an Online Business in South Africa - eCommerce Seminar
Student YMCA, Sitters-Pearce Hall
Off Maxwell Dr, Sunninghill, Sandton, 2128
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