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Sat Jan 18, 09:00 - Sat Nov 28, 16:00
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The Neuroscience of Success & Excellence

  • Re-discover your true potential
  • The most amazing self discovery journey
  • Reset your mind to achieve your dreams
  • An in depth introduction to Life coaching & NLP
  • Experience personal transformation
  • Module 1 of the professional coach certificates


Picture how different your life would be, if you could improve every aspect thereof by just 30%. Your life would be happier, more fulfilled and more successful. And, it’s easier than you could imagine. The gap between what you have and what your want, lies in what you do consistently.

The biggest secret to getting more out of life, is rooted within your daily strategy. If you simply direct your daily routine toward the positive outcomes you want, you will achieve the success you deserve.

Mindset for Life is a one day workshop. Explore the NLP science of success and excellence and find out what you need to do to get where you want to be. Enroll now – let’s set up your mind for a positive life.

This is for you, if:

You drastically want to change all aspects of your life; you want an in-depth introduction to the Life Coaching industry.


This course serves as module 1 of your Life coach & NLP certificate course. On successful completion, you would have accumulated 10 SOL CPD points.


A most amazing journey of self-discovery, leaving you energised, revitalized and ready to take on your goals. It also provides an in-depth introduction into NLP and Life Coaching.

This one day workshop serves also as Module 1 of the Life Coach & NLP Certificate course. After completion of this course you will only need to complete the last 3 modules to obtain your Life Coach & NLP Certificate.


I absolutely loved School of Life's Diploma Course. No beating around the bush. Exactly what you need to know and the training to be capable of doing the right things to get brilliant outcomes every time! If you're serious about changing lives, you should consider nothing else...PS: Also brace yourself for a personal life-changing experience! #letsdolife #solife " Dalene Vermeulen-Nel"

Barry and Team know their stuff and train you to be confident at coaching. The best thing is that you get coached as you train and the transformation begins...AMAZING " Nellie Chege-munyua"

I couldn't better describe the school as LIFE. Its almost impossible to leave this course the same, It was life changing and mind shaping. I not only learnt how to unpack my baggage but how to help people unpack. The course facilitators are beyond wise and get you to a point where you have to face yourself before you ready to face the world as a LIFE COACH. The title life coach is over used now a days but with this course you will not leave there a life coach but a LIFE changer. " Eileen Smith"

The school of life is where Phenomenal Coaches are born. It has been an amazing journey to self discovery. A journey I would definitely encourage everyone to take. Barry and Tams you guys are Phenomenal. Thank you for helping me deal with all the obstacles I had in my life... I will forever remember this "The secret to change lies in investing all your energy into building your future instead of fighting your past." School of life has become part of my house hold. Big ups " Palesa Flower"

SOL broadened my mind and scope on Coaching. Their teaching methods are practical and so in touch with real life issues starting with yours as future coach, so to be ready for your clients. It is a bit intense at start but it gets easier towards the end. Great 12 day course of NLP and Life coaching. It builds your confidence and prepares you to change or save lives... The passion we experienced and rapport we built with Coach @Tamaryn and @Barry and all other guest coach facilitators was amazing. " Zintle Mnyaka"

I attended the 12 day Life Coaching NLP Certificate course at School of life, on the 5th day of my training I've changed my life, and now I feel I have a defined purpose. I know who I am and where I will be on the next 12 months coming... What a Great Awakening !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. I'M A PROFESSIONAL LIFE COACH.. " Sarah Lekale"

Maybe you're stuck in life, maybe your past is still holding you back, maybe you're stuck in the position/job or maybe you just wanna move from where you are to a higher level... This is the best institution to assist you with deciding on what's best for you without feeling guilty about it. You'll get the realization that the answer is just within you. " Tebogo Khomotso"

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