Rope Treatment Workshop

Sat Dec 7, 10:00 - Sat Dec 7, 15:00
Private home, Bothasig


After having saved the money we make through events for a good year or so, we were able to purchase over 50 hanks of good quality untreated jute for use in our classes and by our teachers. We would like to thank everyone who has come to our events in the last few years, who have made this possible.

We now ask you to join us for an event to get together and collaboratively treat this rope for use on humans. It needs to be defluffed, singed and oiled. With over 50 ropes, this is quite a tedious process, but will be made quicker and easier with friends. It'll also be a good learning opportunity for if and when you decide to treat your own jute ropes.


Private home in Bothsig (lifts from Obs available)

7 December 2019

10AM-3PM (drop in whenever you can)

Snacks will be provided

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